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Frequently Asked Question!

Suitable for all horses with a requirement for maximum energy production, B-Complete contains all the B Vitamins that are vital for optimal metabolism and blood cell formation, as well as promoting appetite during times of increased stress or fatigue

Many people use furosemide (Salix, Lasix) routinely to help prevent bleeding in horses suffering from EIPH (Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage). In most cases, a dose of furosemide is given and water is withheld at least 4 hours before competition in order to prevent bleeding.

B12 Injections Can Increase Your Energy Levels and Boost Your Immune System. Vitamin B12 is a true vitamin powerhouse that makes you feel like a powerhouse, too.

What Is a Vitamin B12 Injection? This is a dose of vitamin B12 administered through intramuscular injection, and it’s designed to give a healthy dose of energy, as well.

High-fat feeds, oils, and rice bran products are all excellent sources of fat for endurance horses. Diets high in fat have the added advantage of being more energy-dense, meaning that you can feed less than conventional grain diets and still get the same amount of energy, which is great for horses with poor appetites

To develop your horse’s stamina and muscle strength, incorporate hill work into your riding routine. Hills can make for a challenging workout that’s also low-impact on your horse’s joints. Always start hill work gradually with lots of walking, and as your horse grows stronger, start to incorporate trot or canter sets.

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