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We supplier for all your veterinary products to maintain the health of your horse and to maximize the performance of the equine athlete. Our products are also used extensively with other performance animals such as dogs, greyhounds, camels, alpacas and racing pigeons..

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Biodyl Injection

Biodyl is also widely used to give horses that extra energy they sometimes need.

Winstrol v

winstrol-v is a prescription medicine used as a prophylactic to prevent the symptoms of hereditary angioedema


dexaphenyl 100ml works as potent analgesic anti-inflammatory for training

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I LOVE this pharmacy! I have been getting meds for my dog here for about 4 years now and I will NEVER go to another pharmacy. They are so helpful if there is an issue. When you email them, they reply within a couple of hours and always take care of anything right away. And the consistency and low prices are amazing!
Mila Kunis

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All products are up to date and a five expiring date guarantee for all products

Almost everything was done well. The only issue was with the receipt in the package. It showed a cost that was way above what it should have been. A call to the company took care of that immediately. I love their service, they are just the best
Mike Sendler

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