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It also has an antidiarrheal effect. Pine oil is obtained from Pinus palustris and it is a disinfectant, solvent and deodorant agent. Alcamphor comes from the alcamphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) which grows in China,




DIRECTIONS: Useful for the treatment of various kinds of wounds. It favors the formation of granulation tissue. It is used as a prophylactic in navel disinfection. Blutan It helps in the cicatrization of minor wounds. Tannic acid, also known as tannin or galotannic acid, is obtained from certain oak tree nuts (genus Quercus, which has more than 300 species). Apart from being used as an astringent and cicatrizing agent, it is also found in the formulation of medications used for the treatment of burns.

It also has an antidiarrheal effect. Pine oil is obtained from Pinus palustris and it is a disinfectant, solvent and deodorant agent. Alcamphor comes from the alcamphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) which grows in China, Java, Sumatra, Japan and Brazil. Its important effects include itching elimination, wound cicatrization and insect repellent. Blutan

Propylene glycol (also known as propanodiol) inhibits infection fermentation and attacks fungus formation. It also has moisturizing properties. Phenol is included in the formula due to its disinfectant and antipruritic properties. Blutan


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