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Ca aminoplex


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CA Aminoplex is a sophisticated formulation that embodies the convergence of amino acids and complex nutrients designed to enhance physiological functions. Its inception was the result of extensive research aimed at finding a solution that could cater to the increased metabolic demands of individuals striving for peak performance and accelerated growth.

CA Aminoplex

At its core, CA Aminoplex facilitates the optimal synthesis of proteins, a critical component in muscle development, repair, and overall bodily health.

Ca-Aminoplex® (2655.18 µg Lysine/ Synthetic origin)

– DL-Methionine ………………………….. 480 µg (476.25 µg Methionine/ Synthetic origin)

– L-Phenylalanine………………………… 1.440 µg

– Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) ………………. 20 mg

– Vitamin B2 (Riboflavine) ……………. 8 mg

– Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) ………… 100 mg

– Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) ……………… 8 mg (Pantothenic Acid 7 mg)

– Vitamin B6 (Pyredoxine) ……………. 20 mg

– Purified water Up to ……………….…. 100 ml


– Treatment of Rickets in baby animals.

– Treatment of Osteomalacia in adult animals.

– Prevention and treatment of various calcium deficiency symptoms in animals.

– Treatment in case of allergy and toxicity.

– Prevention the deficiency of vitamin B complex.

– Improvement of metabolism.

– Stimulation of the growth rate and vitamin B complex.

– Treatment of rubbery bone, rubbery beak and thin egg shell.


Bovines, equines, ovines, caprines, canines, felines and ostriches.

Dosage and administration: CA Aminoplex

Bovines and equines: 150 to 250 ml.

Calves and colts: 50 to 100 ml.

Ovines: 25 ml.

Canines and felines: 5 ml.

Ostriches 1 to 30 days old: dissolve 0.5 ml in 5 ml of saline solution

And Apply subcutaneously.

Ostriches 1 to 3 months old: dissolve 1.0 ml in 7 ml of saline solution

And Apply subcutaneously.

Ostriches 3 to 6 months old: dissolve 2.5 ml in 1.5 ml of saline solution

And apply subcutaneously. CA Aminoplex

Ostriches older than 6 months: dissolve 5 ml in 1.5 ml of saline solution

And apply subcutaneously.

Slow intravenous, subcutaneous or intramuscular administration.

Ostriches from 1 to 30 days old: Dilute 0.5 ml of CA-Aminoplex® in 5 ml physiological saline.

Ostriches 1 to 3 months of age: Dilute 1.0 ml of CA-Aminoplex® in 7 ml of physiological saline.

Ostriches 3-6 months: Dilute 2.5

ml of CA-Aminoplex® in 1.5 ml of physiological saline.

Ostriches over 6 months of age: Dilute 5 ml of CA-Aminoplex® in 1.5 ml of physiological saline.

In this kind of application is the subcutaneous route.

ADMINISTRATION: Intravenous slow, deep intra-muscular or subcutaneous.

Do not administer with sulfa.

Its sale requires a prescription.

Consult your veterinarian Zootecnista.

The benefits of using CA Aminoplex

The advantages of incorporating CA Aminoplex into one’s regimen are manifold. Users report significant improvements in stamina, strength, and recovery times, attributing these gains to the supplement’s potent composition.

Moreover, CA Aminoplex has been linked to enhanced cognitive function, providing a mental edge that is invaluable in both competitive and everyday settings. Its role in supporting immune system health further establishes CA Aminoplex as a cornerstone for those pursuing not just physical, but holistic well-being.

Understanding how CA Aminoplex works

To appreciate the efficacy of CA Aminoplex, it’s crucial to explore its mechanism of action. The supplement works by optimizing nutrient absorption and utilization, ensuring that the body’s cells receive the vital components they need to function at their best.

This process is crucial during intense physical activity or periods of growth, where the demand for nutrients skyrockets. By facilitating the efficient delivery and use of these nutrients, CA Aminoplex enables individuals to surpass their performance thresholds and achieve their growth objectives more effectively.

How to use CA Aminoplex for maximum performance and growth

Achieving optimal results with it requires more than mere consumption; it demands a strategic approach. This section would delve into recommended dosages, timing, and synergistic practices that amplify the supplement’s benefits. From pre-workout rituals to post-exercise recovery, understanding how to integrate CA Aminoplex into your routine is paramount for harnessing its full potential.

CA Aminoplex in different industries

CA Aminoplex’s impact extends beyond the fitness and wellness sectors, finding applications in fields as diverse as agriculture and animal husbandry. Its role in promoting growth and enhancing performance is universally acknowledged, showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of this remarkable supplement. By examining its use across various industries, we can gain insights into its broader implications and potential.

Success stories and testimonials of using CA Aminoplex

The true testament to CA Aminoplex’s efficacy lies in the experiences of those who have utilized it. This section would feature a collection of success stories and testimonials, offering a glimpse into the real-life benefits and transformations facilitated by the supplement. From professional athletes to everyday individuals, the narratives would underscore the profound impact it can have on performance and growth.

Frequently asked questions about CA Aminoplex

Despite its growing popularity, questions and uncertainties about it persist. This section would aim to address the most common inquiries, providing clear, concise answers to help demystify the supplement. From safety concerns to compatibility with other supplements, this FAQ would serve as a valuable resource for both prospective and current users.

Where to buy CA Aminoplex and pricing options

Navigating the purchase of CA Aminoplex can be daunting, given the plethora of options available. This guide would simplify the process, offering advice on selecting reputable sources and understanding the various pricing options. Ensuring access to authentic it is crucial for experiencing its true benefits, making this section an essential read for interested individuals.

Conclusion: The Power of CA Aminoplex for Unlocking Performance and Growth

CA Aminoplex stands as a beacon of innovation in the quest for enhanced performance and accelerated growth. Its scientifically backed formulation offers a plethora of benefits, from physical to cognitive enhancements. As we’ve explored throughout this guide, understanding how to effectively utilize CA Aminoplex, recognizing its applications across different industries, and hearing from those who have experienced its transformative effects provide a comprehensive view of its potential.

Whether you’re seeking to surpass your current limitations or striving for holistic well-being, it offers a promising solution. Embracing this powerhouse of a supplement could very well be the key to unlocking a new realm of possibilities in performance and growth.



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