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Corretonic (Chinfield)


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In the rigorous world of equine and camel athleticism, ensuring optimal health and performance is paramount. Corretonic emerges as the ultimate supplement, designed to revolutionize the way caretakers approach the nutritional and physical enhancement of these majestic animals.

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With a unique blend of essential nutrients, including Vitamin B12, Folic acid, and Vitamin B15, Corretonic promises to elevate blood irrigation, oxygenation, and pulmonary ventilation, enabling horses and camels to achieve superior work capacity and fatigue resistance. This groundbreaking formulation not only supports the final preparation of working equines but also introduces a new standard in animal care, emphasizing the importance of tailored nutrition and physiological support. Buy Corretonic Online

The Ultimate Supplement for Horses and Camels

Delving deeper into the article, we will explore the comprehensive overview of Corretonic, highlighting its unparalleled benefits and the strategic posology designed to maximize its effectiveness. As we compare Corretonic with other equine supplements, it will become evident how its distinctive composition, focusing on the enhancement of pulmonary ventilation and blood irrigation, sets it apart, substantiating its role in enhancing the performance and well-being of horses and camels. This comparative analysis will further elucidate why Corretonic stands as the preeminent choice for those aiming for excellence in equine and camel care, setting a new benchmark for fatigue resistance, work capacity, and overall health enhancement. Buy Corretonic Online

Overview of Corretonic

Purpose and Formulation

Corretonic is specifically formulated to act on the muscle system of equines, enhancing their work capacity, oxygenation, and blood flow. It significantly aids in the elimination of catabolites that cause fatigue while simultaneously easing pulmonary ventilation 1 2 3. The formula includes key components such as Vitamin B12 (5000μg), Vitamin B15 (100mg), Folic acid (20mg), and Difenamine citrate (500mg), which are instrumental in increasing the animal’s resistance during races and aiding in their final preparation stages before events 3 1.

Target Species

This supplement is tailored for sport and working equines not intended for human food consumption. It ensures that these animals are positioned in their optimal condition, showcasing enhanced force and resistance, which is crucial for competitive and labor-intensive activities 1 2.

Application Methods and Dosage

Corretonic is administered through slow intravenous injection, ensuring deep integration of the supplement’s benefits. The recommended posology involves administering 10 ml daily for three to six consecutive days leading up to training or an event, as prescribed by a veterinary doctor 1 2. This regimen helps place the animal at the plenitude of its state, fully energized and resistant, ready for peak performance.

Benefits of Using Corretonic

Enhanced Muscle Performance

Corretonic significantly impacts the muscle system of equines, boosting their work capacity and enhancing oxygenation and blood flow. This unique formulation aids in the elimination of residues and catabolites that cause fatigue, thereby increasing resistance during races 3 1.

Improved Pulmonary Ventilation

The supplement facilitates easier pulmonary ventilation, which is crucial for maintaining the stamina and overall health of the animal during intense physical exertion. This benefit is particularly valuable in supporting the respiratory health of equines during and after rigorous activities 3 1.

Extended Energy Levels and Endurance

Corretonic is designed for use exclusively in the final preparation stages before an event, ensuring that the animal is in the fullness of its state with enhanced energy and resistance. Its prolonged action allows for a sustained performance boost without any reduction in activity, even if administration is stopped three days before the event 3 1.

Comparing Corretonic with Other Equine Supplements

In the competitive market of equine supplements, Corretonic stands out due to its unique formulation and targeted benefits. Here, we delve into a detailed comparison between Corretonic and other popular supplements in the market, focusing on key areas such as formula ingredients, usage instructions, and overall effectiveness. Buy Corretonic Online

Key Formulas and Ingredients

Corretonic is distinctively composed of high concentrations of Vitamin B12, Vitamin B15, and Folic acid, which are crucial for enhancing muscular performance and stamina in equines. Unlike many supplements that primarily focus on general health and nutrition, Corretonic is specifically engineered to improve oxygenation, blood irrigation, and pulmonary ventilation. This targeted approach is designed to not only maintain but significantly enhance the performance and endurance of horses and camels during high-intensity activities.

Usage Instructions

The administration of Corretonic is uniquely tailored for high-performance outcomes. It is administered via slow intravenous injection, which ensures that the active ingredients are efficiently absorbed and utilized by the animal’s body. This method contrasts with many supplements that are given orally and might not be fully absorbed due to variations in digestive efficiency. The recommended dosage of Corretonic is 10 ml daily for three to six consecutive days before an event, which is specifically designed to prepare the animal for peak performance.

Overall Effectiveness

The effectiveness of Corretonic in enhancing work capacity and fatigue resistance is well-documented. The specific combination of ingredients and the method of administration ensure that the animals are at their optimal performance state when it matters most. In comparison, other supplements may offer broad-spectrum nutritional support but do not necessarily target the enhancement of performance to the same degree. Corretonic’s focus on improving critical functions such as oxygenation and blood flow makes it a superior choice for those seeking to maximize their animal’s competitive edge.


Through meticulous examination and comparison, it’s evident that Corretonic’s specialized formulation sets a new benchmark in the nutritional and physical enhancement of horses and camels involved in athletic endeavors. Its focused approach on boosting work capacity, oxygenation, and blood flow, propelled by the strategic combination of Vitamin B12, Vitamin B15, and Folic acid, distinctively positions it as the supreme supplement, surpassing traditional offerings in terms of improving performance and endurance.

Emphasizing the significance of specialized nutrition and care in elevating animal athletics, Corretonic not only promises a revolutionary shift towards optimal health and performance but also underscores the potential for further advancements in this domain. As the go-to supplement for equines preparing for high-stake events, its role in enhancing pulmonary ventilation and combating fatigue underscores a broader implication for the future of animal care and sports performance, paving the way for enhanced well-being and athletic achievements among equines and camels alike. Buy Corretonic Online


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